Swiss MES company Prometa created the software METAVIEW to give manufacturing clients a detailed view of production line efficiency. I gave the software a sleek, modern interface and features for improved user experience, so that users can gain the insights they need at a glance. For METAVIEW, responsive design extends not only from mobile to desktop applications, but also to onsite manufacturing terminal interfaces. I also designed Prometa's website with cohesive visuals and navigation. Created in collaboration with Jens Hofmayer.

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Prometa AG (Switzerland)


Art Director (Digital)


June - November 2013


Interaction Design  ·  User Interface Design  ·  Concept Development  ·  Mobile App Design  ·  Data Visualization  ·  Visual Design  ·  Art Director (Digital)  ·  Consulting


Sketch  ·  Principle  ·  Photoshop  ·  Pen & Paper