In 2013 the German Institute of School Development began implementing new educational standards emphasizing competencies instead of the former system of letter grading. Along with the KOPILOT team, we designed a software to facilitate teachers in meeting the organizational challenges associated with tracking individual student achievement. The software's widget-based, adaptive design is a platform for easily tracking student progress, accessed seamlessly across myriad devices. Schools in the network also benefit from the exchange of classroom resources through the KOPILOT Library. Open and ongoing dialogs between teachers and our software development team yields a dynamic product, continually improved in response to student and teacher feedback. Software concept in collaboration with Jörg Wasmeier, Full Stack Developer.

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Corporate Design

Communication design in collaboration with  Jens Hofmayer .

Communication design in collaboration with Jens Hofmayer.

Iconography in collaboration with  Johannes Rieger .

Iconography in collaboration with Johannes Rieger.



KOPILOT GmbH (Germany)


Art Director (Digital)


January 2014 - December 2015


Interaction Design  ·  User Interface Design  ·  User Experience Design  ·  Concept Development  ·  Mobile App Design  ·  Information Architecture  ·  Wireframe Modeling  ·  Prototyping  ·  Human-Centered Design  ·  Data Visualization  ·  Visual Design  ·  Art Direction (Digital)  ·  Branding & Identity  ·  Consulting  ·  Joy of Use


InVision  ·  Omnigraffle  ·  Photoshop  ·  Illustrator  ·  InDesign  ·  Pen & Paper