With HEYBUDDY, any smartphone user already owns one of the most sophisticated tools for minimizing risk while scuba diving. This mobile app allows scuba buddies to track one another and communicate essential safety information in new ways while adhering to established safety protocols. HEYBUDDY is still a prototype. Reach out if you want to work with me to realize it! The software concept was created in collaboration with André Richter, Dive Instructor. 



Each diver carries his or her device in a waterproof case secured on the forearm. Throughout the dive, users can use HEYBUDDY to access relative position information for his or her buddy in real time. When dive partners use familiar, PADI-established communication gestures, the app tracks arm movement and then creates an easy to read message on the buddy's display so divers never miss a signal. When a buddy moves outside a determined safety range or makes a rapid ascent, his or her buddy knows immediately by vibration and display notification.

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HEYBUDDY has the great potential to catapult analog underwater communication into the digital age and thus provide a real added value for the diving scene. Being part of the the development process of HEYBUDDY was incredibly exciting. Particularly putting the concept into practice with Stephan was challenging and great fun at the same time.
— André Richter, Dive Instructor


Independent project


October 2012 - March 2013


Interaction Design  ·  User Interface Design  ·  User Experience Design  ·  Concept Development  ·  Mobile App Design  ·  Human-Centered Design  ·  Prototyping  ·  Data Visualization  ·  Visual Design


InVision  ·  Photoshop  ·  Illustrator  ·  Pen & Paper