I work with innovative companies across a range of industries. Below is a list of the diverse projects I’ve worked on over the past 10 years.

Client (A-Z) Project Industry
Calydo → Ricardo → E-commerce
Comparis → Consumer Portal Health Care
Faba Network Appetita → Swiss Startup Innovation Award Gastronomy
Fraunhofer Institute → John Deere → Agriculture
ING-DiBa → Robo Advisor → Banking
Jung von Matt → Heine → E-commerce
Jung von Matt → DER Touristik → Tourism
Kopilot → School Software Education
LID → Onlineshop → E-commerce
MetaDesign → Audi → Automotive
MetaDesign → Bundespresseamt → Federal Government
MetaDesign → Conrad → E-commerce
MetaDesign → Deutscher Anwaltverein → Business Services
MetaDesign → DHL → Logistics
MetaDesign → Volkswagen → Automotive
Multi-Contact → Download Tool Engineering
Prometa → Metaview Software → Manufacturing
Sparkassen Finanzportal → Brand Development Banking
Tållbeard → Telekom Sport → German Design Award Special 2019 Entertainment
The Seed → Brand Development Business Services
Transfer → Brand Development Education
Verivox → Consumer Portal Consumer Service


Stephan is a designer with an extraordinary talent: He not only knows how to capture the customer’s wishes, but also how to collect the right specifications and implement them in a creative and refreshing way. He is always highly motivated, efficient, and quickly familiarises himself with new topics. Working with him, we have created great designs based on the latest UX findings that will inspire our customers!
— Fabia Rothenfluh, Head of Health at Comparis

Stephan was a reliable and very valuable member of our team as he is a fast-thinker and emotionally intelligent. He combines strategic and visual thinking with a hands-on mentality. Without him the outcome of our project would not be even close to where it is now. I look forward to working with him again.
— André Kauselmann, Global Retail Investment Products Solutions at ING-DiBa

It was a pleasure to work with Stephan as he is very personable, charismatic, and brought positivity to our team. He is very meticulous in his work and has a high standard for quality. In asking the right (and sometimes uncomfortable) questions, he helped us reach a deeper understanding of the needs of our customers. We look forward to working with him again in the near future.
— Monica Ries, Proxy Product Owner at Verivox

Working with Stephan was a pleasure. He is incredibly organized, exceptionally creative and the quality of work he produces is outstanding. He performed extremely well even under difficult and quickly changing circumstances, always focused on achieving the best possible result for the customer.
— Torsten Lenhart, Project Manager at Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering

Stephan traveled at a moment’s notice in order to work on site for this project. Once here, he got up to speed extremely quickly in this complicated subject and developed an innovative UX concept which inspired our clients. We look forward to the next project with him.
— Lukas Hotz, Director Digital & Motion at Calydo